It can be bent S-type lights-YH2835S8-60 led strip factory

1, LED lamp beads use large-size chip, low light decay, 2-3 times brightness of 3528;
2, the product of low power consumption, high brightness, life of up to three years, maintenance-free;
3, DC12V power supply, safe and reliable;
4,2835 support, excellent heat dissipation;
5, S-type circuit board design, implementation, arbitrary bending multi-site to solve the problem of the conventional lamp circuit folded easily damaged due to poor installation efficiency and because of the belt must bend, easy to install and use, while greatly improving the stability of the overall product.

Products Details


Drive mode Constant
Driving voltage 12V
Lamp beads Model SMD2835
Emitting Color R / G / B / Y / W
Light bar power 0.54W / Group 3 Light / group
1 meter power 10.8W
Operating current 45mA / Group 3 Light / group
Operating temperature -20 +60
Lamp beads 60 lights / m
Lamp beads center spacing 16.7mm
Board Size 6mm × 5M / Article 8mm × 5M
Life 50000h
Waterproof level is not waterproof
Light bar brightness (LM) 16LM / Lamp
Beam angle 140-160
Color Temperature (White) 13000K / 6500K / 4500K / 3200K optional

Installation Notes:

1 S soft light strip at the bend, not close to the lamp beads and a resistive element, otherwise it will damage the circuit, bending, try to stay away from elements 3-4mm

2 S soft lights not in a repeated bending, otherwise it will lead to the circuit board foil fracture

3 fixed lights with time, avoid glue (502), hot-melt adhesives and other substances exposure lamp beads lamp beads caused by corrosion

4 installation lights, avoid folding (such as forceps), and other hard objects to scratch lamp beads

5 Use lights when not once removed from the reel too long and stacked together, or prone to distortion and tie, resulting in damage to the lamp beads install Chela

7 LED lights most of the low pressure, so remember when installed, to better match the corresponding lights transformer, so as not to impact damage lights;
8, the installation of LED soft light, LED light source and a resistor to avoid light bar is located in the bend, so light and resistance sealing off, resulting in some light can not light;
9, installation, tear-sided adhesive on the back of the product to the place of use; cause brightness is not enough;
10, when used, do not connect more than three meters length, in order to avoid brownouts guide

11 When installation, tear-sided adhesive 3M genuine back of the product can use the site, convenient and reliable.


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